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About Us


We Provide Real Reliable Medical Transportation

We are Real Reliable Medical Transportation (RRMT), a company that emerged as a beacon for those in need of dependable transportation for non-emergency medical purposes. 

Our founders are healthcare professionals with over two decades of experience in the medical field. We've seen how the lack of reliable transportation can become a significant barrier, leading to missed appointments, treatments, and procedures for millions of patients. 

We're here to help!


Making A Difference in the Community

At RRMT, we're more than a medical transportation service. We stand out from the competition by not just offering transportation but also raising awareness about the availability of NEMT services. We strive to assist patients who may be unaware that these services are accessible to them through Medicaid or their private insurance.

Our Mission
Get You Where You Need to Go

Medical illnesses can be challenging to manage, causing significant stress and worry. 

That's why at RRMT, we aim to simplify one aspect of your medical journey by ensuring that transportation is never an issue. Our mission is to ensure that all patients reach their healthcare appointments safely, timely, and comfortably.

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